Our members consist of individuals and business partners playing a significant role in exponentially Evolutionizing education for K-12 students, their teachers and families throughout the world. As a member of StarShine Quintessential Institute, you will be recognized as a part of a world-changing organization. You will have opportunites to travel to international locations to work on education-related projects. Your own work and background will partner with others who share your goals for improving education opportunities for those least fortunate. Please join us.


Scientific Advisory Council
StarShine – Scientific Advisory Council

The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) entered its inaugural year in 2010, building on the foundation established in 2004 by the Expert Advisory Board, which serves as the executive committee for the Council. Members serve as distinguished scholars advising and providing expertise to StarShine in a variety of capacities, particularly in scientific peer review of research applications.

Member Role and Responsibilities:

  • Primary reviewers for StarShine’s scientific peer review process, including annual review of research and training pre- and full applications.
  • Ad hoc chairs and participants in professional scientific conferences, think tank meetings, and state-of-the-science of education reviews.
  • Advisors on scientific issues related to development of educational materials, trainings, and new programs.
  • Participants in evaluation of scientific evidence and clinical/public health realities in development of policy positions.

The SQI Advisory Council spans a wide range of specialties, including clinical research, laboratory research, pathology, behavioral sciences, health and wellness, bioinformatics and international health and education. Four advocates have been appointed to the panel.

Full Membership

Individuals selected for full membership are established senior scholars and leaders in the field of education and science. The StarShine SAC is by invitation only. To request an invitation to the SAC please contact us at SAC@sqi.us.com or call 602-957-9557.

Please let us know of unique endeavors in the field of education and science and those whom have already made significant contributions to the field.

StarShine Perspectives

Members of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) and a number of invited experts in the field want to share their perspective on a variety of current K-12 cutting-edge education topics, brain and learning research with you.  With this in mind, we have created a monthly column, where we will review relevant research findings on the most cutting-edge, proven, ways to learn easier, faster and most effective.  We will examine the literature behind the popular news in the media and put the latest findings into context for those working in the field of education and wanting to know the most current information to help their students and/or teachers.  We hope this column will be informative for you.

Dr. Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner

410_CarolineTurner1-150x150Dr. Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner is a Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies and Lincoln Professor of Ethics & Education, Arizona State University. She became a researcher with a focus on access and equity in higher education because these issues are important to the goal of expanding opportunities for her home community and other communities around the world.  She grew up working as a laborer on farm labor camps and describes herself as a woman of color, a Latina/Filipina, from a “no collar” class.  While conducting interviews with women and racially/ethnically diverse faculty, students, and administrators in the United States, she has had many opportunities to converse with, read, and write about their work/life experiences. For example, finding little written to document the lives of the first Asian Pacific American, Latina, and American Indian women presidents of four-year colleges, she dedicated herself to filling this gap in the literature, not only bringing their histories to light but in hopes that these stories can provide inspiration to others who follow in their paths.  Professor Turner also finds it important to translate scholarship into practice by sharing her research in lectures and workshops she conducts throughout the country and internationally for those attempting to increase the participation of   students, faculty, and administrators typically underrepresented on college campuses. Narratives of her study participants describe how each person brings a unique background to her/his work/ life experience. In other words, who you are shapes the types of questions you ask, the kinds of issues which interest you, and the ways in which you go about seeking solutions. Professor Turner’s work reflects an enduring commitment to give voice and visibility to those considered non-traditional.

Pete A. Sanders Jr.

200_pete_Sanders_8-23-05_adjusted_levels-150x150Pete A. Sanders Jr. is an Honors Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with principle studies in BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science. Accepted to Harvard Medical School, he chose instead to serve humanity by pursuing independent research and teaching in Mind/Body Potentials. Toward that end he founded Free Soul Mind/Body Education in Sedona, Arizona in 1980 after completing five years voluntary service as a Top Secret cleared Naval Officer.
One of the primary discoveries taught by his NonProfit 501(c)(3) Educational Foundation is a rapid method for self-triggering Natural Mood-Elevation that also counters the negative effects of the Limbic System of the brain. Mr. Sanders has taught his discoveries throughout the United States including two presentations at M.I.T and to the Pentagon Meditation Club. In addition to lecturing in Italy, Japan, Canada, and Mexico, his books are in multiple foreign language editions.
1968-1972 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Bachelolor of Science in Chemistry)
Principle Studies in Biomedical Chemisrty and Brain Science
Summa Cum Laude level Honors Graduate – Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemical Sciences Honorary Varsity Athlete – All New England MVP in Water Polo – Vice President M.I.T. Athletic Association
Accepted to Harvard Medical School
1972-1975 Independent Research and Instruction in Mind/Body Potentials
1975-1980 Voluntary Service – United States Naval Officer
Top Secret Clearance (Nuclear Weapons Authentication Officer on Fleet Flagship)
Early Promotion to Lieutenant (O-3) (Honorable Discharge)
1980-Present President and Founder of Free Soul (Mind/Body Education) in Sedona, Arizona
International 501(c)(3) NonProfit Public Education Organization
1990 presented discoveries to Pentagon Meditation Club
1990, 2007 & 2008 presented discoveries at M.I.T to Faculty, Students, and Staff