11 Days of Peace & Sustainability 9-11—21: Annual Global Celebration

StarShine believes that we must teach people how to have peace in their lives and how to be peace-making individuals. People only know what they know. If they have been raised in fear and anger, that is how they will behave toward others. We see the k-12 learning environment as the most effective avenue to quickly teach our children how to be magnificent human beings. Each StarShine Academy has a Peace Pole in the center of the school and school garden to remind the students of the importance of standing for peace and appreciating others who have lost their lives for peace making.

Each year in September, we start the school year off by celebrating sustainable culture by holding a memorial service for 9/11, participating in focused events each day for 11 Days until the main celebration of 9-21, the United Nations Day of International Peace. We have speakers and demonstrations for sustainable environmental ideas, cultural dances, flag ceremonies, solar cooking demonstrations, passport exercises and much fun. The students and teachers love these events. This also starts the school year out with the right intention for the year.

Here are a few comments:

“I cannot thank you enough. In one hour I learned things about my own ability to learn that will forever change my life, and of course, effect the children who learn from me.”

“This short course is brilliant. It is genius and so simple to work with. Thank you so much.”

“The three days in Monrovia have forever changed all of Liberia. You all effected the greatest leaders that we have; over 700 teachers. They are inspired now, to go out and share with others, the things that they now know that will forever empower them to create positive hope and change for the better for others.”

We are a part of the ASHOKA World Changemakers